Technology exceptions should be converted into business exceptions. Suppose the method returns a technology exception such as RemoteException. Then the interface is tied  to a particular implementation. Instead, the method should return a business exception, such as UnableToObtainIngredients. If more detailed information is required for  debugging purposes, it can be placed as data within the business exception.

Pragmatic Interface Oriented Design.

Avast 6

baru update Avast nie.. ada fitur baru, Sandbox mode namanya.. cukup menjanjikan kayaknya. bisa jalan virus di situ kali y.. nti kapan2 di coba dechh.

Donlod Avast dan Registrasi, gretongan gan.. 🙂

Start moving..

Java is moving away from its base. Hard-core enterprise problems may be easier to solve, but the simplest problems are getting harder to solve. And…

Java is showing signs of wear, and interesting innovations are beginning to appear outside of Java. So…

It’s time to start paying attention again.

Beyond Java (O’Reilly, 2005)