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JBoss Properties

There are a number of properties used by the micro-kernel during the bootstrap.

This documentation is heavily plagiarized from org.jboss.system.server.ServerConfig.

Bootstrap Configuration

  • jboss.boot.library.list – The basic jars used to bootstrap the kernel, there are other jars used (TODO explain) – default value log4j-boot.jar, jboss-common.jar, jboss-system.jar
  • jboss.server.type – The fully qualified class name of the org.jboss.system.server.Server implementation – default: org.jboss.system.server.ServerImpl
  • jboss.server.root.deployment.filename – The file to deploy at the end of the bootstrap, relative to the config url – default: jboss-service.xml

Directories and urls

  • jboss.home.dir – The base directory of the jboss distribution – default: $JBOSS_HOME
  • jboss.home.url – The base url of the jboss distribution – default $JBOSS_HOME
  • jboss.lib.url – The url where the kernel jars exist – default: $jboss.home.url/lib
  • jboss.patch.url – A directory where patch jars exist – default: none
  • jboss.server.name – The configuration name of the server – default: default
  • jboss.server.base.dir – The directory where server configurations exist – default: $jboss.home.dir/server
  • jboss.server.base.url – The url where server configurations exist – default: $jboss.home.url/server
  • jboss.server.home.dir – The directory for the current configuration – default: $jboss.server.base.dir/$jboss.server.name
  • jboss.server.home.url – The url for the current configuration – default: $jboss.server.base.url/$jboss.server.name
  • jboss.server.temp.dir – The directory for temporary files – default: $jboss.server.home.dir/tmp
  • jboss.server.data.dir – The directory for data files – default: $jboss.server.home.dir/data
  • jboss.server.config.url – The url for configuration files – default: $jboss.server.home.url/conf
  • jboss.server.lib.url – The url for static jar files – default: $jboss.server.home.url/lib
  • jboss.server.log.dir – The directory where the server logs are written – default: $jboss.server.home.dir/log

Other config

  • jboss.bind.address – The host name or ip address for jboss services to bind to – default: = “any” NIC – (v4.2.), = localhost only
  • jboss.partition.name – The cluster partition – default DefaultPartition
  • jboss.partition.udpGroup – (since v4.0.3) The udp group – no default
  • jboss.server.exitonshutdown – Whether JBoss should do System.exit() on a shutdown – default true
  • jboss.server.blockingshutdown – Whether JBoss should do shutdown synchronously (true) or asynchronously (false) – default false
  • jboss.server.requirejbossurlstreamhandlerfactory – When true an error is thrown if the jboss stream handlers could not be installed – default true
  • jboss.server.temp.dir.overrideJavaTmpDir – (since v3.2.3) whether to override the main java temporary directory (java.io.tmpdir) to the server temporary directory – default false
  • jboss.shutdown.forceHalt – (since v3.0.1) force a Runtime.getRuntime().halt() at the end of the jboss shutdown hook – default true
  • jboss.native.load – whether to to load the native libraries unpacked from deployments – default false
  • jboss.native.dir – location to unpack native libraries in deployments – default tmp/native

Non JBoss properties

  • log4j.configuration – override the location of the log4j bootstrap configuration

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